About Us

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Celestial Institute of Technology is an institute focused on enabling Thoughtful Workforce and Innovative Leaders in the new era of digital intelligence. We are geared up to offer courses, professional training, and job opportunities to students and professionals who seek growth in Intelligent Automation– next-generation industrial automation. 

Our institute also offers access to a state-of-the-art lab where students and creative businesses will get a dedicated space for working on their innovation in a safe and trusted environment. With the latest technology and amenities, we aim to offer our students the best-in-class facilities in Robotics and PLC Programming to make them future-ready in the industrial automation domain for their professional growth. 

The objective of our institute is to provide quality education and hands-on training to make them knowledgeable and confident technical leaders.

At present, we are offering vocational courses in PLC Programming, Robotics, IIOT using Python, AR, VR, HMI and SCADA, and their industrial applications that provide actual scenario-based experience in industrial intelligent automation. We are also the first institute to offer a Maharashtra Government Certified Course in Automation and PLC.

These courses are specially designed and conducted by highly skilled and experienced industry experts.

We have affiliation with some of the best universities which ensure accredited courses with a perfect balance of academics’ interest and real-world industry expectations. After completion of the course, the institute ensures complete guidance and assistance to the students through our qualified trainers and support staff for their smooth absorption in the industry. In addition, at the end of each module, successful students earn a course completion certification from the institute. This certificate has industry-wide acceptance.

Our Philosophy

The goal of Celestial Institute is to bridge the gap between academia and industry for practicing cutting- edge intelligent Industrial Automation. To achieve this goal, we put the academic interest of our students together with the industrial needs, making them ready for next-generation industry.

Our core focus is :

  • To be the next generation innovative training institute
  • To foster innovation through innovative incubation labs
  • To enable individuals to be successful in enriching their career

With a philosophy of fostering innovation, the Celestial Institute of Technology ecosystem offers individuals and/or groups sponsorships for their developing ideas and an opportunity to engage with the industry experts to realize these ideas. For academic projects, we support students by mentoring them and offer access to our lab for experiments. We also provide them with project-specific guidance towards successful execution. Lab facilities are open to all enrolled students and professionals who either lack resources or need specific setups for working on their ideas.


Celestial Institute of Technology aims to become the most sought-after, innovative training institute in India in the foreseeable future. We are creating an innovation lab catered for students and professionals alike which will give them dedicated space for working on their innovations. Here, academic projects and hands-on training will be instituted with the objective of bridging the gap between the industry and educational institutes.

Walking an extra mile in supporting innovation, Celestial Institute is willing to offer sponsorship to incubate and develop out-of-the-box ideas which have the potential to be converted into tangible products and will actively recommend them to professionals in the industry. The thought here is to provide deserving and talented individuals a stepping stone to boost their careers as well as provide them a platform for industry-wide exposure.


Celestial Institute of Technology aims to become a cradle of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our aim for the next two years is to impart students with the knowledge and practical skills which will boost their career progression, or they will choose a path of entrepreneurship.

Be a job provider than a job seeker! We also intend to reach out to multiple businesses and offer our well-equipped lab services to allow them to work on their innovative ideas in the intelligent automation and digital world.

Why Celestial Institute?

Celestial Institute of Technology is built on a futuristically designed foundation. We offer accredited courses and have affiliations with some of the best universities. Visionary people with up-to-date industry know-how have contributed to drafting our courses which bridge the gap between industry and institutes.

Celestial Institute of Technology has an extraordinary innovative lab that is well-equipped with state of the art setups and facilities like:

  • Latest Mitsubishi Six-Axis RV-8 CRL Robot
  • Industry Standard PLC from all Recognized OEMs
  • Next-Generation Courses Designed by industry Experts with Academic Gurus
  • Real-Life Simulation Kits Covering Different Processes used Across Variety of Industries
  • Ideal Infrastructure for all Learning Professionals

Celestial Institute of Technology aims to support students in completing their projects, as well as train junior engineers to impart them with industry-required skills and be a catalyst to talented individuals by providing them high-class facilities for their innovative ideas. On top of this, students are encouraged to take advantage of key salient capabilities we offer, like –job placement, sponsorship for projects, and industry connect to enhance their career prospects. To ensure a seamless and ease of learning experience, the institute also provides free Wi-Fi, access to labs for backup classes, course material, smaller batch sizes, individual attention, query resolution, and flexible timings.

COVID -19 has caused a disturbance in normal teaching-learning experiences. Celestial Institute of Technology offers a well-equipped lab with all training equipment and required facilities under one roof at convenience, following strict safety protocol, and remote training wherever feasible. At Celestial Institute of Technology, we also offer on-site Corporate Training to our business clients, tailored to their specific needs and requirements, based out of various locations across Pune.

This tailored/focused corporate training or industrial training is offered in-house as well. Through all these initiatives, we aim to support fresh joiners, apprentices, and skill-gap mitigators step up in their careers and make them productive and mobilized within a short turnaround time.

We, at Celestial Institute of Technology, aim at fostering innovation by guiding and mentoring individuals to be the successful innovators of tomorrow!

Our Team


Mr. Parag Dandekar

Over 30 Years of Experience

Mr. Pramod Patil

Over 30 Years of Experience

Mr. Santosh Dengle

Over 30 Years of Experience

Mr. Samuel Patole

Over 9+ Years of Experience