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Celestial Institute of Technology has been established to help you and your students bridge the gap between industry and academia. By associating with our institute, you and your enrolled students can gain exclusive access to all CIT Solutions for Colleges and CIT Solutions Students.

At Celestial Institute of Technology, we help you in making your students industry-ready. Your association with us will prove beneficial for your enrolled student. Wondering how?

Our institute is not like any regular institute. We have built a very student-centric training institute where we help your students become the best versions of themselves. Here, we not only help them bridge the gap between industry and academia, but even fill the gaps created in ‘practical education’ caused due to COVID-19. We have built a high-tech training institute with latest factory modules and equipments. Our union will give your students exclusive access to all these latest PLC modules and robots for training.

Your students will also get exclusive access to our incubation lab where they will be able to perform and complete their engineering projects. Moreover, our institute is facilitated with some highly experienced industry experts who can offer guidance, mentorship, and help to your students at any stage of project completion.

With a separate provision for our young innovators, we can help your bright students give life to their innovative ideas. And we don’t just mean to offer mentorship and guidance. We will also help them with financial sponsorship and access to our advance incubation lab where they practice their innovation in automation.

Lastly, we help your students find the best suited internships in small to medium scale companies. We also provide them 100% assistance in securing their future with a promising placement. Your students can reach our team of counselors and career guidance experts at any given point to seek help and assistance for placements.

We encourage you to make the most of our ‘CIT Solutions for Colleges’ where you get value addition benefits for your college! Our domain experts are always ready to guide your students, anywhere, anytime. Your students can be abreast with all the latest industry trends and technical developments through our webinars, seminars, and guest lectures.

We invite you to associate with us and let your students benefit from various exclusive offerings!

Our Key Offerings

1- Incubation Lab and Provision of PLC-Robotics Lab-new

Incubation Lab and Provision of PLC-Robotics Lab

Students usually lack guidance, mentorship, or even a proper set up for completing their engineering projects. By associating with Celestial Institute of Technology, your students will gain exclusive access to our advance incubation lab. They will also get guidance from our team of industry experts wherever needed.We are also determined to help your students get the practical learning experience they could not due to COVID induced online learning. We are equipped with all the latest factory models and equipments so that your students don’t just get hands-on training but are trained on latest modules only. We have a complete set-up to contribute into enhancing your students’ experience, because at the end of the day our goal, just like yours, is to help them become job-ready.
3- Internship and Placement Assistance Program-new

Internship and Placement Assistance Program

When you associate with Celestial Institute of Technology, helping you secure your student’s future becomes our shared responsibility. We believe that internships not only help students put their knowledge to practice but also prepare them for the actual workspace. Thus, it is important to gain this experience from a company that you have faith in. Our internship program can help your students find suitable internships at reputed companies! To take an extra step towards securing your students’ future, we have a placement assistance program. We offer 100% placement assistance to your students and with the help of our valuable clients, your students have a chance of getting placement in reputed small to medium scale companies.
2- Sponsorship for Final Year Projects & Innovative Ideas-new

Sponsorship for Projects and Innovative Ideas

Students are always full of ideas but they may lack the required resources to give life to these ideas. Whether they need help in completing their final year engineering projects or want to execute innovation in automation, we are ready to fuel their fire! Our association will benefit your students in getting financial sponsorship for their projects and innovative ideas in automation industry. Our special clients and angel investors will take care of resourcing for eligible students and project ideas.
4- Career Guidance and Student Counseling-new

Career Guidance and Student Counseling

We have a dedicated team of experts and support staff that will help your students at every stage. From counseling to career guidance, students will get complete assistance throughout their journey at Celestial. Our team will not only help your students in identifying a suitable career path but also help them identify themselves. Their skills and how to put these skills to the best use, your students will be in the best hands! We aim to prepare your students for the changing workplace of the 21st century through this program.
5- Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Webinars-new

Guest Lectures, Seminars, and Webinars

You can take advantage of our special guest lectures, seminars, and webinars under the ‘CIT Solutions for Colleges’ where our team of industry experts with extensive domain knowledge come to guide your students. The objective is not only helping your students understand the industry but also learn about the growth in the automation, career options in automation sector, and latest trends and technical developments of the automation industry.

Only At Celestial !

Maharashtra Government Recognized Institute

  • Celestial Institute of Technology is a Government Recognized Institute, Approved by Maharashtra Government’s MSBSDE Board.


  • Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Robot MELFA RV-8CRL
  • Industrial application test platforms like Bottle Filling Plant, Traffic Light Controller, Sorting Machine and Much More
  • PLC Test Jigs – Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Renu, and Delta
  • SCADA and HMI
  • Pneumatic Jig – Cylinder, Solenoids Valves
  • Motor Controllers – VFD, Steeper and Servo
  • Python Programming
  • Industrial IoT (Raspberry Pi, AWS Cloud, and Much More)
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning