Value Propositions

What value does Celestial Institute of Technology add to your lives?

Celestial Institute of Technology is built to support talented students, professionals and Inventors to grow in their careers through tailor programs taught by industry experts. Individuals retain the following:


  • Enhance knowledge through career accelerator programs
  • Get guidance from ideation to execution of projects


  • Impart industry relevant knowledge through tailored programs
  • Career progression in Industrial Automation


  • Foster innovation through Sponsorship
  • Provide ideation, design and mentoring to materialize ideas

Why Celestial Institute

Why Choose Celestial Institute of

The courses offered at Celestial Institute are industry-focused career accelerator programs that meet the rising global demands in industrial automation. With state of art facilities and highly experienced faculty from the Industry, we offer training with right mix of hands-on skills development leveraging up-to-date industrial knowledge.

Advanced Infrastructure

What facilities are offered at Celestial Institute of Technology?

To ensure seamless learning experience, Celestial Institute of Technology has built a state-of-the-art laboratory and an infrastructure with all advanced set-up. Our well-equipped lab comes with training equipments like latest Robots, PLC Units, and Industry Simulation Tools - for Students, Academicians as well as to Industry professional from SME and MSME’s. The use of lab facilities as service will be allowed post certification to students for their projects, practice, ideation and experimentation of novel ideas in industrial automation domain.

Our state-of-the-art setups and facilities include:

Mitsubishi Robot
PLC Test Jigs – Allan Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Renu and Delta
Innovative incubation lab
Pneumatic Jig
Sensor Jig
Motor controllers – Stepper and Servo
Industrial application test platforms – bottling plant

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of other key salient capabilities we offer like

Job placement assistance
Sponsorship for projects
Industry connect to enhance their career prospects